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Who is this guy and where does he get such notions?

    It seems an author needs a website these days.
    Apparently, they’re quite useful for a variety of things: keeping the interest of one’s audience piqued, offering up intriguing personal tidbits, elucidating all those murky motivations (or “the artistic process,” if you prefer), lifting the veil to reveal how much of the fiction is actually “real,” and sundry other functions. Though shameless self-promotion, of course, always tops the list.
    At any rate, my publisher told me to build one (something about all of the above, plus responding to various controversies over my first book), so…tah dah.
    I confess at the outset that most of those topics don’t really appeal to me. Oh, I’ll discuss any of ’em with you at some length…if you catch me in a pub, in the right frame of mind. But I generally feel the work should speak for itself. And as for the personal stuff? Well, that’s personal, isn’t it? (Trust me, plenty of it finds its way into the pages of my work. It’s all grist for the mill.) You will, nevertheless, discover a few intimate details scattered throughout this site (see: FAQ). Which gets us neatly around to which elements of my stories might be autobiographical. But let’s not go there, either. I dare say I’ve led a more interesting life than most — to the extent you’d scarcely believe the half of it, were I to present it as factual recollection. That’s why I write fiction. It’s more believable than plain facts often are; and, when written well, the outright lies from which it’s assembled contain more of the truth.
    With regard to a website’s primary function, as specified already, let’s just say that I’ve been called shameless on more than one occasion, will concede the point, and accept it with good grace. My idea of self-promotion, however, tends more toward the J. D. Salinger model — you’re not likely to see me on a book tour any time soon.
    Instead, I invite you to get acquainted with me here. Feel free to ramble around on this site. Gods know, I do.
    Because there are other reasons for creating one. Better reasons, in my opinion. Simply to offer some content which you might find of interest, and provide you with some amusement. Bearing that in mind, perhaps you’ll also forgive me for selling a few books along the way.
    Incidentally, to partially answer the question posed at the top of the page: I’m afraid that’s still something of a mystery, even to me. But this online presence is a small attempt to address the issue.
    So, welcome to my thought processes. Some of them, anyway. There are others offered for sale at a very modest price, at the link conveniently provided above.
    One last thing. Never doubt that the attention you bring to my work is genuinely appreciated. Without a few literate readers, why bother?

All the best,
Antony Innis Travers


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