Bring Me the Head of Antony Innis Travers (the Author's Website); the text is set in a white oval within a collage: crossroads, temple at Delphi, lotus, rusted anchor & shackle, katana blade, Möbius strip, stack of books, sailboat at sunset, Underwood typewriter, nautical chart of the Florida Straits, whale flukes, an hourglass in the desert, all on a water background

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      The next book planned is a collection of short stories, dealing with various aspects of time. It’s a concept that intrigues me, and yields myriad variations. 

      Nevertheless, although time may provide plenty of scope as a theme, I’ve been having some difficulty finding enough of it to finish the project. Let’s just say it’s still a work in progress. 

      We haven’t designed the book cover yet, and so far I haven’t even quite settled on a title. There should, however, be some excerpts posted before long. So, check back — here or at my publisher's website — because it’s coming soon.




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